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Services: Security & Risk Management
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Odinate provides powerful risk analytics for cyber security, giving security management and operations the tools they need to eliminate attack vectors and safeguard business data and services odinate solutions provide a context-aware view of the network and risks that drives effective vulnerability and threat management, firewall management, and continuous compliance monitoring.
Established in 2004, odinate Security customers are some of the most security-conscious enterprises and government agencies in the India , with mission critical global networks and pressing regulatory compliance requirements.

Vulnerability and Threat Management

Automated risk analytics provide a continuous view of vulnerabilities that can be used by an attacker, and intelligence to help security teams minimize risks.

Protect your network and your business through proactive identification and remediation of critical attack vectors, and gain important business benefits:
  • Reduce Risk – Close risk exposures before they have a chance to be exploited
  • Demonstrate Results – Track remediation efforts, as well as the before and after impact of your security programs
  • Reduce Costs – Avoid unnecessary patching and increase productivity by focusing on the most critical vulnerabilities
  • Network Security Management
Gain visibility and intelligence of network security risks to ensure that your securitiy controls are securely configured and in compliance. Automated analysis and secure change management processes provide a strong foundation to:
  • Increase Security and Availability – Identify and close security gaps such as configuration errors to reduce risk and avoid downtime
  • Increase Productivity and Reduce Management Costs – Automate firewall and device change management to reduce management time and focus scarce resources on key initiatives
  • Gain Visibility and Control – Enhance visibility and oversight of your firewall and network device management process
  • Show Compliance – Validate and document that security controls and change processes comply